Founded in 2010, Innovative Marketing Guru Global has a mission to transform marketing for small businesses, empowering them with robust marketing plans and communication design. Our founder, with a background in operations and marketing, leveraged their experience to establish a company that delivers impactful branding solutions.

Our Evolution:

From its humble beginnings, Innovative Marketing Guru has continuously evolved. An ambitious project to create an online logo agency for the US market provided invaluable insights into branding. This journey led to the discovery of the profound impact of Brand Strategy, resulting in our founder becoming a Certified Brand Specialist and later, a Certified Brand Strategist under the mentorship of Marty Neumeier, a renowned Brand Expert from Silicon Valley. This evolution marked our transition from a conventional marketing agency to a Branding Agency focused on developing brands that matter. These experiences allow us to offer clients deep expertise and innovative strategies that drive real results.

Core Values:

Our core values guide everything we do:

  • Be Good
  • Be Different
  • Think outside the brand
  • Ask the question – is this dope?
  • Don’t imitate
  • Be the solution to the problem

Unique Approach:

We offer a personalized, collaborative service, integrating technology through our project management platform, which ensures efficient and transparent collaboration with clients. In a market focused on loud marketing, we prioritize Brand Strategy to create meaningful brands.

Our Services:

We provide comprehensive Branding packages, including:
– Brand Strategy Development
– Brand Identity Design
– Brand Touchpoints aligned with the brand strategy

Success Stories:

A recent highlight was our work with a New York non-profit’s Caribbean initiative. We distilled their extensive information into three core branding pillars and crafted a cohesive identity. Our involvement extended to website consultations and designing key documents, ensuring a successful launch and strong brand presence. “Working with Dope was a transformative experience. They truly understood our vision and brought it to life in ways we couldn’t have imagined,” said a representative from the non-profit.

Company Culture:

We operate through a network of trusted collaborators who deliver high-quality work. Our founder personally engages with clients to develop effective strategies, ensuring a consistent and high-standard output.

Future Goals:

Our goal is to educate the market on the power of Brand Strategy and establish our credibility. We plan to offer workshops, webinars, and informative content to demonstrate how a strong brand strategy can transform businesses. We aim to reconnect with past clients in various industries, including events & entertainment, food & beverage, and oil & gas, to enhance their branding.

Our founder’s direct work with business owners across diverse industries laid the foundation for our branding expertise. These experiences drive our mission to deliver exceptional branding solutions.


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