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Meet our certified Brand Strategist

Meet Our Certified Brand Strategist: Michele, Architect of Transformational Branding On Purpose In the ever-evolving realm of branding, where purpose eclipses profit, we're excited to introduce Michele—our seasoned Certified Brand Strategist. Armed with a BBA in Marketing and 13 years of entrepreneurial prowess, Michele has been steering her marketing business…

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Why Branding Is Important In 2023

Branding is an essential part of any business in the 21st century. It is the way a company presents itself to the public and how it is perceived by its customers. In 2023, branding will be even more important as businesses strive to stand out from the competition and create…

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Missing the Mark: Local Companies and the Missed Opportunities of Digital Strategies

In today's digital age, businesses have a wealth of opportunities to reach customers and expand their reach. However, many local companies are missing the mark when it comes to taking advantage of these opportunities through their digital strategies. One prime example of this is the missed opportunity to sell items…

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